Professional Experience

With 9 years of professional experience, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the proper care.  Eliminate the stressful trip to the vet and have the services listed below done in the comfort of your home. This is my most popular service, so make sure to reserve time today!

  • Nail Trims: $20, $10 each additional pet after 3 pets.

  • Anal Gland Expression: $25 or $15 when combined with other services

  • Ear Cleaning: $15 or $10 when combined with other services

  • Medication Administration: price dependent on medication route

  • Subcutaneous Fluids: $30 (I do not provide the fluids)

  • Mat shaving: $30 (NOT PROFESSIONAL GROOMING)

  • Blood glucose reading: $20

  • Blood glucose curve: $75 (The results will be sent to your veterinarian for review and treatment plan.)

Green Eyed Cat